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ACLA USA, Inc., a subsidiary of ACLA-WERKE established in February of 1986 to increase the service level of a growing customer base in the United States.

ACLA-WERKE is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of precision-made polyurethane products. This has been made possible through the development of special quality polyurethane elastomers. At ACLA, we offer application-oriented and economical problem solutions for numerous areas of operations.

The entire product range of ACLA includes more than 20,000 different molded articles which is attributed to the vast knowledge and experience in recipe development. Our processing technology has grown over decades, allowing a reliable and economical production for prototypes to high volume production.

Production is fully automated in our ultra-modern facilities. This automated reaction takes place from the preliminary stage of the adduct to the final cross-linking of the reaction product with chain extender. In this manner, we can offer our customers the highest manufacturing process and quality product. We only use hot cast elastomers, which allows the finished product to have a better property profile than the cold-cast elastomers which are often used by our competitors.